Monday, November 16, 2009

Tea party

Grandma treated our kids to some little containers full of 'tea party treats' last week, so on Saturday they enjoyed their tea party in their kitchen, while I enjoyed my own little tea party behind my sewing machine. Do you like my new red teapot?
I have to confess, the packet of chamomile and cinnamon tea in the background was staged. I was actually drinking a nice spicy blend from T2. The chamomile was bought on a whim recently. I haven't tried it yet, as I actually have absolutely no need for anything soothing and relaxing to help me sleep... I think I fell for the packaging :). I look forward to trying it some day, though.


PatchworkRose said...

The TBar has a nice Fruit Melange Tea called Sentimentali-T Tastes of raspberries and fruit and makes the most wonderful iced Tea Discovered it last week and have fallen in Love with it :-)
The Boys look like they are having fun :-)

bronya said...

cool tea pot - i like ... and I might have to try the iced tea mentioned above - big fan of fruity ice tea ...