Friday, November 27, 2009

One job down

One of the odd jobs I needed to get done was to make Christmas cards. I found pre-cut cards (with matching envelopes) reduced to clear, and screenprinted these images onto them. The designs are inspired by old Japanese textiles, and I love how they turned out. I used my textile paint, which actually gives the cards a 'flocked' look.
I always try to make extra prints onto 'scrap' paper when screenprinting... this time there I also managed to remove the paper stencils from the screen without damaging them. They have dried nicely and I will be able to use them again!


Helen said...

Ruth - you store your stencils on sheets of music?? Is that kosher my dear? :)

Ruth said...

Umm, I suppose I probably shouldn't tell you that that sheet music is the scrap paper onto which I made some extra prints... :) To be cut up for making cards or something at some stage... :)

Natalie P said...

wow there beautiful ruth, Now that I know the amount of work into stencilling and screen printing, I can't believe you got to keep the stencils to use again, my paper turns to pulp. Do you use special paper for the stencils?
Nat P

Ruth said...

Hi Natalie, I'm not sure if it was the paper so much as the paint. I just used cartridge (drawing) paper from a sketch pad, but the fabric paint used here dries kind of rubbery, so the stencils are now stronger than before. I think I was only able to pull them off in one piece because there where no big 'dangly' bit - the cut out bits are all pretty small, with plenty of paper supporting the holes (if that makes any sense) - they don't all come off the screen so well!