Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Perfect weather for elephants

Seems that I didn't have to wait till next winter after all, to get rain photos... It's been like winter here today - perfect weather for cutting out elephants! I got this pattern from Jodie, and can't wait to sew it up, especially after I rediscovered this old op-shopped blanket in my boxes of fabric -made at the old Albany Woollen Mills once upon a time, and perfect for elephants!


PatchworkRose said...

Please make sure it gets here as little ol Adeilaide is expecting 43 :-( It is 9.00am and heating up already. someone stole our spring

Lucy said...

So, with all those pieces... how many Ollies are you making? ;-)

Ruth said...

Bother, Lucy! I was hoping no one would notice just how many elephant bits there are! :) Actually, I think I showed great restraint - I only cut out five, even though there is still blanket left over for more!