Thursday, June 25, 2009


People sometimes ask me how I quilt the words in the background of some of my quilts. Here's a couple of pictures to show. I write the words (or trace them) onto tracing paper, pin the paper to the quilt and stitch along the lines. Later the paper will be ripped off, with the help of blunt tweezers and then the threads will be tied away.

Although the words I am doing now are freehand, rather than traced from computer font, I still prefer to draw them onto paper first - it makes the quilting process much more relaxing, and means I make less mistakes - especially as I am usually interacting with the kids in some form at the same time.

On a side note, but still on the theme of 'words', an ambulance officer came to school today and Aaron learnt how to do first-aid on people who are self-conscious! (Please don't tell him I told you - I didn't laugh when he said it, only inside!)

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DereknSteph said...

That is too funny Ruth.. what a cutie.. you'll have to remember that for a later date!!!