Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Entertaining our one year old

The story at our house for the past three days has been one of three sick kids and a sick mummy, with daddy away on a business trip for the last two days. Not such a happy story. So, because everything with Caleb has been a fight lately I was very thankful to get some dinner into him early tonight, with minimum fuss, so that the rest of us could enjoy our dinner. Here's how Caleb was entertained while we ate:Caleb triumphantly got hold of one of our pencils the other day, and I was surprised to see that he seemed to know exactly what to do with it, scribbling on a nearby paper. So I got these baby crayons by Crayola. The problem is, they don't look like any drawing implements Caleb has seen us use, and we had a hard time convincing him that they were for drawing. He thought they made awfully good spinning tops though, and Caleb LOVES anything that can spin!He worked it out eventually, much to the delight of Aaron and Hannah. And the most important thing... we all got to enjoy dinner with a smile!To top it off, I got a nice cuddle from Caleb when I put him in bed tonight, instead of the kicking and screaming that has been more normal for the past week!

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mpjb said...

Isn't he cute!