Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have a habit of leaving my safety pins open when I take them out of a quilt - the idea being that it saves me closing them now and opening them again next time. But of course, when I grab one pin from the tin, this is what happens!
I'm thinking this could be a great drawing/design subject at some stage! I'll have to file these for future inspiration!

A big thankyou for all the feedback on the last post. I'm still not decided which way to go, but there is no hurry to decide, either. I was quite surprised myself with what a difference it made to the design to cut the quilt into three, but this does take away somewhat from the whole idea of the girl twirling across the quilt. Maybe I will try to incorporate a swirling pattern into the background with an uplifting colour or maybe I even have to make a totally new background. I will continue to think about all the suggestions while I finish off some other more pressing projects!

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