Saturday, March 7, 2009

Couch potato

I am spending the day confined to the couch, after twisting my ankle yesterday. My family is looking after me very well, but of course this is still frustrating. I keep thinking that, besides regular housework and food preparation, there are upstairs in my sewing room:
- 7 small quilt designs ready to be cut out
- 3 small quilts cut out and ready for piecing
- 1 large quilt, layered yesterday morning and waiting to be quilted
- 1 denim skirt for myself, cut out and ready to be sewn together
- 1 tracksuit for Caleb, cut out and ready to be sewn
- overalls for Caleb, cut out and ready to be sewn

While none of it is urgent it would have been nice to make some progress...
Thankfully I still had the above quilt sitting around waiting to have its threads tied away!


Denise said...

A twisted ankle....ouch! You'll just have to spend your time relaxing :-) How did you do it?
Hopefully it doesn't take too long to heal.

Jan en Annemieke said...
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Jan en Annemieke said...

sorry for your twisted ankle, get well soon and Ruth, I ment HUGS!! love annemieke