Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tying the threads

I spent a peaceful hour or two tying of the threads on this small quilt this afternoon, while Caleb slept and Aaron and Hannah happily drew house designs for the house Daddy is going to build them when they are big - its currently looking more like an adventure playground than a house!With every quilt I make, I bring all the thread beginnings and ends to the top of the quilt as I am quilting, so that once the quilting is completed, the surface is a mess of threads. These are then tied together in pairs, threaded onto a needle and threaded between the layers of the quilt, to give a neat finish. Although this takes a long time it is relaxing to do.

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Brenda said...

I also find burying my quilting thread tails to be very relaxing. I can also justify watching mindless TV at the same time as I know I am still being productive.