Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hello there,
Obviously I am new to blogging, so please bear with me as I get the hang of this.
I have started this blog in order to share some of the things I am busy with.
I am a textile artist, specialising in quiltmaking at the moment. I know there are people who check my website every so often for new work. However, my quilts can take quite a while to complete. Also, usually I like my quilts to show up in a real-life gallery before they go onto my website. So I thought this blog might be a good forum for updates and sneak peeks of work-in-progress.
I'm also hoping that this blog is a good tool for me to develop my written expression, rather than avoiding putting thoughts and ideas into words. Also on a personal level, I want this blog to be a bit of a record of what I have been busy with - to remind myself that even if I don't have completed quilts to show for my work, I have still been busy drawing, making, sewing and doing (besides or while being wife, mother and housekeeper of course)!On that note, here is our most recent project: a princess gown. We also have a king's robe and a 'real' castle in which to reign! The castle is still in progress - hot weather got in the way! We'll post more pics soon!

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