Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Quilting my 'stitched and bound 2012' quilt

OK, so I'm cutting things a bit fine with this quilt. My own fault, of course. I have been working on an entry for 'stitched and bound 2012' for quite some time now. However, when the original quilt top was completed, Phil voiced what I was already thinking - that it should be kept aside for the other exhibition I am hoping to enter later this year (right when the baby is due). That was four weeks before the 'stitched and bound' deadline, which translated to four weeks in which to dream up, design, cut out, piece and quilt a new quilt. Add into that an ongoing cough, dislocated ribs, Easter, school holidays, morning sickness... oh, and an upcoming solo exhibition... and the going has been a little bit slow. 
I'm working hard at quilting it this week, and hoping that I can still complete it for the 27 April deadline. It doesn't help that this quilt demanded to be seed-stitched in the background (which means many hours of hand-stitching).
 But actually, sitting in my comfortable chair, hand-embroidering a quilt is possible the best way to calm the nerves and relax in the lead up to my exhibition. Better get back to it now...

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