Saturday, April 21, 2012

Installing 'to be a child'

Hooray! to be a child is now installed at the Showcase Gallery (Northbridge, WA).

Here are the 24 quilts, all ready to go...
Phil and I spent an intense three hours getting them up this afternoon. I was as organised as possible, with a plan for where the quilts would go. (I drew up the walls to scale, and added to-scale images of the quilts). So I though it would be simple. But we still ended up spending quite some time rearranging - probably due to how the light fell on the quilts, and due to the colours of the quilts not showing up so well in my scale plan. My plan had also left the quilts a little squished so we had to sort that out too - I doubt I would have fit another quilt into this exhibition!

Here are a couple of teaser pictures... I'll share some proper photos after the opening.
And if you are planning to come to the opening, I look forward to seeing you there on Tuesday evening (between 5pm and 7pm)!

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bronya said...

all the best for the opening night and the exhibition ruth! wish we could be there! b x