Friday, March 23, 2012

to be a child: quilt reveal on Facebook next week

Only a month till be my exhibition opens! (See this post for the details). Starting next Tuesday, I will be revealing the quilts on my Facebook page, one a day. 'Like' my page to catch the quilts in your Facebook news feed.

The same day that I wrote my past post, about being tired, I finished my latest quilt top. And I love how it looks. Nothing like a sewing success to inspire one to get going on more projects. I've been procrastinating about this next quilt for some time now. 

Its a quilt for friends who recently moved into a spiffy new home, and I didn't realise how nervous I would feel about making a quilt for a specific family and a specific room. It's hard to describe, but it's certainly different than making whatever quilt takes my fancy (even though I have free reign to make what I think is best for this quilt). Phil keeps telling me to trust my artistic judgement. I hope he's right. Meanwhile, here are some of the pieces set out on my design wall.

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