Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Yesterday I put it to Phil that perhaps I shouldn't make any more quilts this year. (Phil looked at me in horror because he firmly believes that I am much nicer to live with when I have a quilt in progress. I try not to read too much into that :)). I didn't say that to invoke fear in my husband though. More as a general expression of how exhausted I have been. 

Normally I have no trouble getting going in the morning and tackle my daily list of things to do without really thinking about it. But for the last month or two, it takes all my willpower to get going in the morning, and the only reason anything more than the basic chores get done is because I am a bit OCD about crossing off lists.

There are so many quilts, or at least quilt concepts, that I'd hoped to get around to making this year, including a couple of large quilts to enter into a major international art quilt exhibition, and I'm starting to brace myself for the fact that I won't get around to many of them for a while.

Thankfully, it's all for a good reason, and I'm still living in the hope that some second-trimester-energy will kick in soon. Meanwhile, Caleb has been busy. Here is his list of suggested baby names:
He can't tell me what they are, though.


ljbyl said...

You have a very good excuse for your tiredness, and none of us will mind if you don't get things done. While we love your work, we prefer a healthy baby and happy mum... Take care...

doni said...

Congratulations!! I laughed out loud at your DH's reaction to no more quilts this year! Whenever I was out of sorts, my DH would tell our kids, "It's time mommy went to the sewing room!!" And off I would go - always came out in a better mood too. It's a smart man that knows how to live with a quilter!

doni @ Oregon coast