Friday, December 2, 2011

Towel rails in the studio

Well, I do apologise for that little blog break! Last week was devoted to being sick, and then this week... well, I don't really know what my excuse is this week... student free days? a day shopping (sans kids thanks to my mother-in-law)? various end of year activities?... probably just laziness...
I have been sewing, I just haven't been so good about taking pictures along the way. One little project this week was these new towel rails in my studio. These are GRUNDTAL towel rails from IKEA. We have them in our bathrooms, and now they are in the studio too - the perfect place to hang quilt-in-progress.
I don't like to put quilts into my quilt-storage cupboard until they are completely finished. These ones hanging up are waiting to have labels stitched on and photos taken.

I haven't forgotten that way back I promised to share more photos of the studio. There's a few little things to finish still, and then lot's of mess to tidy up! I'll also put together a post about my new quilt-storage cupboard, and once I have my new quilt-photography set up all sorted, I'll share that too. I can't promise when I'll get to it though, what with summer holidays coming up real fast!

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simply robin said...

Summer holidays? Yikes! And I was getting nervous about Christmas!
Anyway, good to see you agin Ruth! I too have been away from blogging and sharing some of the same thoughts you've voiced in this post. I think it's that way for us... sometimes you have lots of energy and time to keep up, sometimes not. Just know I appreciate reading what I was thinking inside for myself today.
Oh, I also like your towel rack idea! I'm going to look today to see if I have space for it in my studio! What a great way to keep track of those ufo's! Thanks! Robin