Monday, December 12, 2011

Set the table

The funnest part about hosting a dinner party is setting the tables! Well, actually, we thoroughly enjoyed the company and the food as well (I can say that because it was a combined effort - everyone brought something). In a trip down memory lane, the peonies in the flower arrangements were also my wedding flowers (but at least double the price, ten years on).

Today I had a lazy day. I'm very happy with the progress made on my childhood quilts over the last months (nine months ago I made a schedule noting what I wanted to complete each week, and I have just completed it, right on target!) Today was my last opportunity to go shopping with only two children this year, so we did that this morning, and this afternoon was happily spent browsing Pinterest (what an enjoyable way to waste time!).

I still hope to finish burying the threads of my childhood quilts this year, as well as taking photos of them all. Over the summer I have a quilt to complete for Regeneration - Contemporary Quilt Textiles 2012. I'm looking forward to tackling that. I would also like to do some drawing and planning for new quilts, but I will try to work at a slower pace while the kids are all home for the holidays.

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bronya said...

that table setting looks amazing ... you sure know how to host a dinner party - i have to take pointers :) ... hope you had a fantastic night, looks like quite a crowd ...