Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Every studio needs a parking garage

Lisa was on the right train of thought (see comments on previous post) - how well the kids are playing determines how well I can play in my studio! This parking garage is my 'secret weapon'. It forms the basis for our 'studio play station' and has already given me many happy hours of studio time.

I have often read books and articles about how to set up a studio. It is generally suggested that you have a dedicated space free from all other distractions where you can retreat to on a daily/regular basis. I have to smile when I read that. I would never get anything done in a studio like that, because I would never make it into the studio. My new upstairs studio has been designed to be flexible enough to provide space for everyone over the years so that I can take the kids up there with me - plenty of room for a parking garage (and connecting roads) on the floor, space for kids to sew or colour alongside me, homework space, reading space and even a comfy couch for Phil to lounge on with his book or iPad if I'm frantically finishing a project at some crazy hour of the night.

My original plan for this room included a wet area for dying and screenprinting, but that was removed for the sake of making it a cosy, family friendly space with room for everyone. Instead the laundry design was adapted to cater to my dyeing sessions - we replaced our toploading washing machine with a front loader so that we could put in a big enough bench space to set up a dyeing station.

So far its all working out really well - we have spent many hours together in the studio already. And the parking garage connects to the wooden train tracks/roads the boys already had, so they are in their element.
(Sorry I didn't get better photos - jumping on Mummy who is laying on the ground taking photos is even more fun that playing with the cars.)

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Viv said...

wow. Sam wants to come visit Caleb!