Saturday, May 28, 2011

What Can You See, My Child?

What Can You See, My Child?
(c) Ruth de Vos 2011
98cm by 96cm

This is my most recent quilt, aiming to capture some of the exuberance of a small child exploring and discovering. It is currently on display as part of the City of Melville Art Awards. Aaron, Hannah and I enjoyed the opening of the exhibition last night (and I enjoyed Aaron and Hannah's running commentary on the artworks). I was struck once again, though, by how poorly a bold and unframed artwork like this shows up in between the many framed and often more delicate artworks. Although the quilt fits within the size requirements of the exhibition, it seemed out of scale with the other pieces, and there wasn't really enough room to stand back far enough to take it in properly. I've had similar experiences other times when I've entered into art awards like this, which prompts the question of whether this is the kind of exhibition I should be entering my quilts into. I will certainly be mulling over about this for a while.Meanwhile, though, you can see for yourself what I mean if you go and check out the art exhibition next week!

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