Thursday, May 19, 2011

Poor Ted

He slept all by himself last night for the first time in his six-year-old life. There have been nightmares in the last couple of months about the house burning down. Further questioning has revealed that the biggest fear is Ted burning with the house. After further discussion the gentle suggestion was made that perhaps it is time to start thinking about finding Ted a different place to sleep at night. "When you're ready", we said.

Apparently that, and the incentive of a special treat was enough. Without a word, Ted got placed in a special place downstairs when she went to bed the other night. I never noticed till she came to our bed at 2:30am claiming that she was trying really hard but she just couldn't sleep without Ted. Ted was duly collected and all was well, but the next morning he was very quietly and resolutely placed back in his special downstairs spot. She never said a word about him when she went to bed, just sighed as I said goodnight. It was oh-so-tempting to send her down to collect him!

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PatchworkRose said...

Now Ruth My just turned 20 year old son is living away from home house sitting for a couple of months and he took his teddy which was my teddy and yes she is still a sort of pink with a citrus green jumper. She no longer has glass eyes as one broke so she now has brown eyes and she has been stuffed numerous times and spent time in the freezer to keep the dustmite down.
Now my son is 6 foot 2 but he still sleeps with his teddy :-)
Guess you could say he was a big softy