Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy, healthy sewing machine

I gave the sewing machine some extra TLC the other night (using this helpful guide) and it's working beautifully again. Usually, when it plays up like it was, I figure it's time for a service, and bring it away. But I already had my other machine in for a service and wasn't ready to be machine-less for two weeks, so there was no other option than to do it myself. I'll certainly be doing this more often now! Thanks to a happy, healthy sewing machine, the latest quilt is now completely quilted and waiting to have its threads buried.

Today though, I am getting stuck into a rather crazy little sewing project (which I will show soon) which is keeping my mind off the fact that I have to do some public speaking this evening.

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Anonymous said...

HI! Ruth. Colin just commented after reading my post , that you had said something similar. Read some where that we have to oil our machines every 10 hours of use:)
Love your blog
Love A Johanna