Monday, August 2, 2010

Thread bare

Hurray, the threads have all been tied off and buried into my latest quilt! Next step: to sew on the hanging sleeve. And then I have a huge list of jobs awaiting my attention. Things like: revamp the dolls pram, paint-strip the outdoor furniture, refurbish the dining chairse, finish oiling the deck steps, fix the bedroom blind, replace silicon in the bathrooms and kitchen, to name a few.

Sound like fun? Don't worry - there is also another list titled 'Quilts to make' and I hope to make further inroads into that one too!


bronya said...

atleast we know you'll never be bored ... refurbish the dining chairs and revamp the doll pram sound fun, silicon in the bathrooms and kitchen so so ... make sure you show the before and afters - i love before and afters ... although you can probably skip the silicon before and after ... all the best with all your to-dos and remember to have a cupcake or two inbetween :)

Ruth said...

One of the big ideas of a big to-do list is to keep me out of the cupcakes, Bronya!