Saturday, August 14, 2010

Printing day

I don't intend to make a big mess when I get up in the morning - somehow it just happens! (Yes, I sound like my kids!) Yesterday was a big printing day - for various upcoming projects.Printing days are busy, messy days, but also very satisfying. But most exciting of all was this:
I had some sketches developed onto a silk screen about a month ago, and finally had the opportunity to try it out! I was wondering how the fine lines would print up, and thankfully they came up beautifully. Unfortunately, though, I only seem to be able to get two clear prints from the screen before it starts to clog, and I have to wash it out and let it dry before doing more. There go any plans for large scale printing runs - unless I can resolve this problem somehow. I suspect it is due to the fine lines, as I haven't had this problem before.


bronya said...

speechless ... nothing but WOW!

that print is fantastic ...

Viv said...

wow Ruth, that's beautiful!