Tuesday, June 1, 2010

So very big

OK, so apparently he's big enough to 'do cardmaking'. And he's big enough to curl up in Dad's chair to read books just like the big kids.
And just big enough to cut paper...... so I challenge ANYONE to tell him that he is not yet big enough to play Monopoly...Aaron and Hannah are not silly. After ongoing cries of "Caleb'th ditheth" and "my turn", they found him another pair of dice, and he was over the moon! When he left this morning to spend the day at Oma's house, he was quite determined that he was going to play Monopoly with Oma today. Lucky Oma!


Anonymous said...

Love the upside down Hairy Mclary :)

Arlene said...


'mum, why do aaron and hannah think I'm little'

I think i can relate.

Keep believing you can, Caleb.