Monday, December 7, 2009

Fun for all

Just showing you some of the kids craft activities we have been keeping busy with:
- this particular drawing of Caleb's is definitely for keeping. He worked at it so intensely that he was huffing and puffing!
- Hannah's collage kept her busy for several days - that's the sort of craft project I like! First she covered the background of her large paper with magazine paper, sort of representing sky, water and grass. Then we drew lots of pictures for her to colour, cut and paste. And then she enthusiastically kept on drawing her own pictures as well as cutting out magazine pictures.
- the sequin-covered balls were inspired by this post. Be careful - this is VERY therapeutic and you might just find yourself distracted from the various chores that need doing!

Meanwhile, we are down to 1 more sleep!! Yes, Phil's coming back three days earlier than expected, which we're all rather excited about. I must say, though, that all those 'sleeps' didn't look half so daunting in the form of Hannah's lovehearts!

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