Friday, August 21, 2009

Shall we share?

Please excuse me for this post, but I couldn't resist sharing these images. Last night Caleb learnt a little something about sharing. 'Drumsticks' were on special this week, but unfortunately there are only four in a box, so I was hoping Caleb wouldn't be interested :) Quite the opposite - so the deal was that Caleb and I would share (as you can see). Actually, once he got over his initial disappointment he shared very nicely, taking a bite and then pushing it back to me for my turn. Often lately, we are amazed by what he learns if we persist a little bit with teaching him.


Viv said...

Haha! That is cute! Sam shares sultanas very nicely, but not sure he'd be so giving with a drumstick!

Prue said...

Another of life's little lessons learned. And we've got that bib too!