Friday, June 10, 2011


I suspect that most of the people who know us in real life believe Caleb to be a quiet boy of few words. If only they could hear him when there's only us around. Especially now that he's well and truly into the 'why' stage.

This morning we had a half-hour car trip during which he kept up a continual barrage of questions. Here's a snippet:

C: “Mummy, is the sun hot?” (we saw a model of the sun at the museum earlier this week)

Me: "Yes"

C: "Mummy, why is the sun hot?"

Me: “umm, because we need it to live and grow”

C: “Does the sun grow us in the house?”

Me: “Ummm, no”

C: “What grows us then in the house?”

Me: “Well, I suppose that when we’re in the house we grow from the food inside us”

C: “hee, hee, that’s tricky from the food”

C: “Mummy, I seed a aeroplane. Does the aeroplane grow from the hot sun?”

Me: “No, only living things grow. Rocks and aeroplanes and buildings can’t grow. Only plants and animals and people.”

C: “Buildings are already big for the people.”

Me: “That’s right.”

C: “Trees don’t need eyes.”

Me: “No, they don’t”

C: “Why don’t they need eyes?”

Me: “umm…”

C: “We do need eyes.”

Me: “Yes”

C: “Why do we need eyes?”

Me: “Umm, to see things”

C: “To see the hot sun?

Me: “Yes”

C: “Why do we need to see the hot sun?”


Viv said...

Love him.
Nice tutu too.
What a fairy!!!!!
luv, uncle Fritz

Leanne said...

obviously brain overload for him today...! :)Love me.