Friday, February 18, 2011

Being ladylike

My baby brother is getting married tomorrow, which is very exciting of course. However, the whole getting-dressed-up affair has me a little bit uptight. I have a dress, and just remembered midweek to go and get some new shoes. I have no idea what to do with my hair yet, but in a rash moment yesterday I visited a nail salon for the first time ever.
There's still every possibility that in the process of getting all the kidlets dressed up, I forget to brush my hair and put my new shoes on, but at least I'll have pretty nails. I'm realising this morning, though, that pretty nails means no fabric-dyeing and no sanding or painting on my latest furniture project. On a brighter note, I suppose it also means no cleaning the bathrooms or scrubbing the toilets today. In short, you won't see any action around here today - I'm too busy being ladylike!


Viv said...

haha that is so funny! Sorry! I just dug out the nail polish I haven't worn since my wedding to give myself a manicure and pedicure tonight. I waited 'til after the bathrooms were cleaned though. see you tomorrow!

Gerrit said...

If we had known that you were a lady of leisure today we would have called in on our way back home to Albany after three days at Richard's. As it was we thought you would be too busy and just drove past. :-(
Next time better.