Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Alive and well

I'm ba-ack! Sorry to drop out without a word. I was so busy trying not to think about moving house, that all of a sudden it was Moving Day and I wasn't quite as organised for it as I would have liked to have been... But never mind, we are now very comfortably established in our new temporary accomodation. It all happened very smoothly other than the obscenely long time it took to get our internet connection going. Surely it should be illegal for a simple switchboard procedure to take nearly three weeks to happen in these modern times...Before moving, I was going to post about how we were going to miss the wonderful light in our old home. And we do, but it's also amazing how quickly you adapt to new circumstances. We have set up our work and play stations to make the most of the light in this house, and everyone has declared themselves to feel very at home. Caleb and Hannah both stated this separately soon after I pulled my sewing machine out for the first time. I had to smile about how that sewing machine is such a crucial element in our home!

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