Monday, February 15, 2010

Three days of snow

I discovered a serious gap in my childrens' education on Saturday - they had never made paper 'snowflakes' before. Since showing them how, the snowfall hasn't stopped. It's keeping Hannah particularly well occupied. I can relate to her interest... Do you remember the thrill of unfolding the paper to see what pattern you have made?


Natalie said...

We did some of these the other day too - so much fun! I think I enjoyed it way more than C though, who couldn't quite get the cutting through thick bits of paper thing happening.
Hope things are settling down for you with Daniel :)

Ev said...

For my daughters year 7 lunch/dance the theme was winter wonderland, I asked the teacher to have the children make these (as many as possible) she had to have a refresher course on making them and then teach the kids - I was stunned that the majority of these 12 year olds had never made them before but were entralled. They made enough to cover three huge walls in the hall that they had their celebration in and they looked spectacluar in all degrees of complexity.